Pick the Perfect Holiday Gift for that Special Someone (UB Advertising)

This post was written on behalf of UB Advertising for Biris Jewelers


The holiday season is approaching quickly and it’s time to start shopping for that special someone in your life. Whether you’re planning for a holiday engagement or just searching for something simple that says “I love you,” jewelry always makes for the perfect holiday gift. 

From diamond engagement rings to unique vintage jewelry pieces and everything in between, Biris Jewelers can assist you in picking a holiday gift that will make your loved one’s face light up every time they wear it. Here are a few tips from Biris Jewelers on how to pick the right present for the one you love this holiday season:

  1. Personal Style is Key

Think about your special someone’s taste and personal style. Do they like classic, timeless pieces? Or do they like to express themselves with bold, unique styles? If you’re shopping for engagement rings, you could create a custom engagement ring and wedding band set with Biris Jewelers or shop from our collection of vintage engagement rings.

  1. Consider the Investment

High-quality jewelry is meant to last a lifetime or longer. When selecting a piece of fine jewelry for your holiday gift, make sure that you are getting the highest quality piece for your price range and lifestyle. If you’re buying a diamond, be sure to consider the 4 C’s; you can read more about that here

  1. Customize It

Biris Jewelers can work with you to create a custom piece of jewelry so that the gift you give is truly one of a kind. However, even if you purchase a vintage or pre-made piece from Biris, you can still find creative ways to give your gift a personal touch. Write your loved one a heartfelt note to accompany their new piece of fine jewelry, or put a special touch on your gift by wrapping it with care.

  1. When in Doubt, Give Biris Jewelers a Call.

If you’re still having trouble selecting a holiday gift, give Biris Jewelers a call or come into our Canton, Ohio store. We are more than happy to help you pick the perfect gift for your style and budget.

The Speed Art Museum Continues Community Presence With “Wall Together” (Press Release)


The Speed Art Museum 

2035 South Third Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40208-1803 

(502) 634-2700 Fax (502) 636-2899


For Immediate Release 

Contact: Steven Bowling, The Speed Art Museum 

(502) 634-2702 Office, (502) 386-5235 Cell


The Speed Art Museum continues community presence with “Wall Together” 

LOUISVILLE, KY (August 1, 2014)– Local Speed, the Speed Art Museum’s satellite space during the museum’s expansion, is partnering with local nonprofits to serve as a platform for Louisville youth to display their art. 

Local Speed’s “Wall Together” project was developed in late 2013 and has since hosted two exhibitions in conjunction with local non-profit organizations. This project was created with the goals of connecting the Speed Art Museum to other local non-profits and establishing a collaborative community where young artists can share their unique perspectives through visual arts. 

The third installment in the “Wall Together” project was created in partnership with the Little Loomhouse and the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, and is entitled, Working Hands: A Modern Generation Explores the Ancient Craft of Textiles. 

The creation of Working Hands gave youth from the Cabbage Patch Settlement House the opportunity to take classes facilitated by the Little Loomhouse. Participants learned about and created textile arts in the Navajo, Ojibwe and Kentucky quilt and coverlet traditions. Through the artistic medium of textile craft, the artists were able to connect with an often-overlooked artistic tradition that transcends time, language and culture—a tradition that weaves together a diverse range of people throughout history. 

Working Hands: A Modern Generation Explores the Ancient Craft of Textiles, will be on display at Local Speed from August 1 – October 25. Local Speed will host an opening reception for this exhibition that is free and open to the public on Saturday, August 2nd, 1–3 p.m. 

The first two “Wall Together” exhibits were created in collaboration with Americana Community Center and Spot5 Art Center. Students from Americana Community Center created the first exhibition, The Nelson Mandela Project. This project featured creative works of art that were painted in the traditional African Kente Cloth style and then emblazoned with the image of the late Nelson Mandela. 

Presentation of The Neighborhoods of Louisville, marked the second “Wall Together” exhibition and featured art created by students of Spot5 Art Center. These pieces represented a random selection of some of our city’s 60 neighborhoods and highlighted unique aspects of the Louisville culture and community.

Organizations that wish to participate in “Wall Together” can submit a proposal for a series of art classes undertaken through their organization during which students will produce a body of finished artwork created specifically for this collaboration. Selected organizations will then have their artwork displayed at the Local Speed for the duration of the exhibition cycle for which they applied. For more information on how to apply, organizations can visit SpeedMuseum.org/WallTogether.

About the Speed Art Museum

The Speed Art Museum is Kentucky’s largest art museum with a collection that spans 6,000 years of human creativity. An independent museum located on the campus of the University of Louisville, the Speed continues to play an important role in outreach initiatives, workshops, tours and art-related school programs. The Museum is situated at a crossroads between the city and the University of Louisville, adjacent to the busiest pedestrian thoroughfare on the University’s campus. The Speed is currently closed and undergoing a multi-phase expansion and renovation that includes a new North and South Building, 150 seat theater, Art Park and a public Piazza. Local Speed – the Museum’s temporary home – was established in downtown Louisville’s trendy Nulu district at 822 East Market Street last summer. Local Speed has 6,000 sq. ft. of special exhibition and programming space as well as administrative offices for museum staff.

To view a virtual tour or for more information visit www.speedmuseum.org.

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Asbury Snow Days

Published on asbury.edu/news in February 2015


Asbury students welcomed the winter weather this week and enjoyed an unexpected 4-day weekend. Asbury’s campus was steeped in an unusual amount of snow; this along with poor road conditions in Wilmore and the surrounding area resulted in two days of cancelled classes.

With midterms fast approaching, students saw this break as a blessing. “I decided to relax and enjoy the snow with my friends,” said Matthew Jackson, ’17. “It was really nice to have an unexpected break in the middle of a hectic workload.”

Monday and Tuesday saw a fair share of students enjoying the snowy weather. Geared up with borrowed cafeteria trays and store-bought sleds, students whirred down the hills outside of the Luce Center. Others spent their time building snowmen or starting snowball fights in front of the semi-circle drive.

Still, some students braved the elements for the benefit of others. Levon Gothay, ’14, along with the other student and full-time Physical Plant staff members, spent his time shoveling, plowing, salting and clearing the snow around campus. “After 26+ hours put in over a two-day period, things are looking well, I think,” said Gothay.

Some students used the break time as a mini-vacation and made relaxation a priority.

“My friends and I had a movie marathon and cooked awesome food,” said Sarah Grace Bloyd, ’17. Many other students put away the books, set aside the homework and spent time catching up with friends, sipping coffee and hot cocoa and trying to stay warm.

As classes resume, Asbury students return a little more refreshed and thankful for the rest they were able to catch up on.