This post was written on behalf of UB Advertising for Rooster’s Organic


Fall has finally arrived and, with the change of season, so have, cooler temperatures. October is when pumpkins, hardy autumn squashes, apples and many other plants ripen — you are likely enjoying the rewards of your harvest right now. However, depending on your local weather conditions and other environmental factors, you might find that some of your plants are not yielding as well as you thought they might. 

Rooster’s Organic has a solution for keeping your late-fall plants healthy; our organic Nitro-Boost Chicken Compost Tea provides the nutrients your plants need to grow. Compost Tea helps keep healthy plants healthy and gives an extra boost to plants that might be struggling. 

Here are three tips on how to use our Organic Nitro-Boost Chicken Compost Tea to give your plants an extra boost before the final fall harvest:

  1. Take note of the Outdoor Temperature and Time of Day

For foliar application, it’s important to apply our Nitro-Boost Compost Tea to your plant’s leaves in the morning while their stomata are open. (Stomata are tiny openings in the leaves that helps the plant to absorb nutrients.) For best results, apply Rooster’s Organic Compost Tea when the temperature is below 80 degrees. If you are applying the Compost Tea to the root zone instead of to the leaves, you may do this in either the morning or the evening.

  1. Avoid Contributing to Fungal Growth

If you apply Compost Tea to your plant’s leaves in the evening, the stomata will not be open, meaning your plant won’t be able to soak up the nutrients. This results in your leaves being wet for too long which increases the likelihood of your plant developing a fungus.

  1. Apply Rooster’s Organic Compost Tea Consistently

If you’re hoping to maintain plants that are healthy, we recommend applying Compost Tea once every week or two depending on which kind of plant you’re working with. If you’re hoping to give a boost to a plant that’s not doing so well, apply even more frequently. 

With Rooster’s Organic, your late-fall plants will be strong and ready to harvest!