Asbury Snow Days

Published on in February 2015


Asbury students welcomed the winter weather this week and enjoyed an unexpected 4-day weekend. Asbury’s campus was steeped in an unusual amount of snow; this along with poor road conditions in Wilmore and the surrounding area resulted in two days of cancelled classes.

With midterms fast approaching, students saw this break as a blessing. “I decided to relax and enjoy the snow with my friends,” said Matthew Jackson, ’17. “It was really nice to have an unexpected break in the middle of a hectic workload.”

Monday and Tuesday saw a fair share of students enjoying the snowy weather. Geared up with borrowed cafeteria trays and store-bought sleds, students whirred down the hills outside of the Luce Center. Others spent their time building snowmen or starting snowball fights in front of the semi-circle drive.

Still, some students braved the elements for the benefit of others. Levon Gothay, ’14, along with the other student and full-time Physical Plant staff members, spent his time shoveling, plowing, salting and clearing the snow around campus. “After 26+ hours put in over a two-day period, things are looking well, I think,” said Gothay.

Some students used the break time as a mini-vacation and made relaxation a priority.

“My friends and I had a movie marathon and cooked awesome food,” said Sarah Grace Bloyd, ’17. Many other students put away the books, set aside the homework and spent time catching up with friends, sipping coffee and hot cocoa and trying to stay warm.

As classes resume, Asbury students return a little more refreshed and thankful for the rest they were able to catch up on.