10 Things Asbury’s Brochure Didn’t Tell Me About Campus


So many things in my life have changed since I first came to Asbury University in the fall of 2012. I have absorbed so much information from not only lectures and profs but also from the campus community culture. There are so many things I didn’t know about or expect when I arrived at Asbury for New Student Orientation. Asbury has a distinct flair and personality that I have been able to experience and enjoy over the past two years. Here are ten essential parts of the Asbury community that the brochure didn’t tell me about.

Image courtesy of
The Asbury Collegian

1. If you didn’t enjoy an ice cold Ale-8-One before coming to Asbury, you will before you leave.

There is one thing in common at nearly every campus-hosted event: Ale8. It is definitely the Asbury drink of choice. Though some initially dislike the super sweetened ginger-ale taste of this soft drink, most are bound to acquire a taste for the fizzy liquid after accepting three or four free ones from various Asbury events.

2. Owning at least one pair of Chacos sandals or Toms shoes is a requirement for graduation.

Though both of these brands are admittedly strange looking, after seeing so many chic students strutting through campus in either Chacos or Toms, you will be filled with and insatiable desire to purchase a pair.

3. Chapel tweets are provided for your thrice-weekly chapel entertainment.

We all came to terms with the chapel requirement before enrolling in classes at Asbury. But what many of us did not realize is that on those days when chapel is especially interesting or especially dull, the Twitter hashtag “#chapeltweet” provides entertaining commentary to your chapel experience.

4. Campus cat is the most loved cat in the world.

What other cat on earth has more than 1,500 people seeking its affection? Campus cat is a hot commodity at Asbury. There’s always someone (usually myself) desperately trying to pet her or seeking her out to bring her a peace offering of canned tuna.

5. The line at HICCUP is only long when you’re in desperate need of a caffeine fix five minutes before class.

A good portion of the time, there is no line at HICCUP. You can simply walk up to the counter and ask for your drink of choice; within a few minutes a smiling barista will hand it to you. However, on the days you’re rushing to get to the class that you simply cannot sit through without some HICCUP motivation, the line will inevitably be super long.

6. Owning an outdoor hammock is essential for feeling like you’re cool enough to hang (pun intended) with the Adventure Leadership students.

Though hammocking and college don’t seem to go together on the surface, a few good-weather days on campus will prove that relaxing in a hammock on the green is the absolute best kind of study break.

7. You can find a batch of freshly-baked cookies, a cute secondhand sweater, or a Seventeen magazine from 2011 on one of the many Glide-Crawford “free tables.”

A typical conversation on Second Glide: “Oh I love that shirt! Where’d you get it?” “I scored it off Second Front’s free table! Free table swag!” Seriously, if you’re ever in desperate need of a new addition to your wardrobe, forget hitting up the Goodwill; just do a round of free table shopping.

8. Those who achieve “Ring by Spring” status are treated simultaneously with adoration and contempt by all the single ladies (and by a few of the fellas as well).

We try to laugh off the idea of “Ring by Spring” as a joke. While the whole idea is pretty ludicrous to most college-aged kids, we cannot discredit the fact that this actually happens at Asbury quite a bit. You hear a girlish squeal across campus. You look over to find the source of the noise: a girl jumping up and down and showing her new engagement ring to her gleeful and envious friends.

9. There are a lot of abbreviations and names for places on campus that sound ridiculous to outsiders.

If you fail to pronounce the name for the Campus Post Office as CPO (“cēē – pō”), you will be ridiculed by your peers. However, when you’re on the phone with your grandma and you thank her the lovely care package she sent you in CPO, be ready to extend the conversation several extra minutes to explain this strange word to her. The same goes for the stuce, the caf and the cage. Call them by any other name to your Asbury friends, and you’ll never live it down; use these names when talking to other friends and family, and they will have no idea what you’re talking about. (If they’re anything like my parents, they’ll mockingly accuse you of picking up “the cool college kid slang…”)

10.  The student body is obsessed with President, Dr. Sandra Gray’s hair.

Let’s face it; no Pinterest tutorial could ever capture the essence of our President’s luscious locks. Her hair is mesmerizing.

This is a modified version of an article I published in the Asbury Collegian in the spring of 2013. The images and graphics are courtesy of the Asbury Collegian staff.